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How can replace all images with the same name in the assets folder


Put the below function in your class file and run the static route. /** * @Route("/image") */ public function imageUploadAction() { $image = "/folder1/image.png"; //$image = "/folder2/image.png"; // Uncomment this path after upload first image, than the old image will be replaced $image_parts = pathinfo($image); $exist = \Pimcore\Model\Asset::getByPath('/' . $image_parts['filename'] …

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How To Uninstall NetBeans On Ubuntu


The uninstallation process for NetBeans are very easy-1. Shut down the IDE.2. In the IDE installation directory, run the uninstall.sh file.3. To uninstall GlassFish and Tomcat together with the IDE, at the Summary page make sure that the correct versions are listed and check the appropriate checkboxes.4. At the Summary …

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