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Laravel – Artisan Console

Laravel framework provides three primary tools for interaction through command-line namely: Artisan, Ticker and REPL. This chapter explains about Artisan in detail.

Introduction to Artisan

Artisan is the command line interface frequently used in Laravel and it includes a set of helpful commands for developing a web application.


Here is a list of few commands in Artisan along with their respective functionalities −

To start Laravel project

php artisan serve 

To enable caching mechanism

php artisan route:cache

To view the list of available commands supported by Artisan

php artisan list

To view help about any command and view the available options and arguments

php artisan help serve

Writing Commands

In addition to the commands listed in Artisan, a user can also create a custom command which can be used in the web application. Please note that commands are stored in app/console/commands directory.

The default command for creating user defined command is shown below −

php artisan make:console <name-of-command>

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